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This Glossary of Terms contains various phrases and acronyms used on the Virgin Australia website. Its purpose is to assist you, by providing a simple and quick reference point for our most commonly used terms. 


Airline Designator Code
The two or three letter or number code issued by IATA to each airline to identify that airline and its flights. Virgin Australia’s Airline Designator Code is VA.

Authorised Agent
Duly licensed passenger sales agent who is authorised by Virgin Australia to represent Virgin Australia and sell Virgin Australia Services.

Australian Domestic Travel
Carriage wholly within Australia, which is not part of International Travel.


Checked baggage and carry-on baggage.  Read our Checked Baggage and Carry-on Baggage policies.

Baggage Allowance
Allowance for your baggage, as set out in our Fare Rules and administered in accordance with Virgin Australia’s Conditions of Carriage and Policies.

Baggage Fee
Any fee specified in the fare rules as payable by you for us to carry your checked baggage.

The booking entry made by you or on your behalf, and accepted by us for travel on a Virgin Australia flight – the itinerary, the boarding pass, the ticket the baggage check and/or any other document or message from us relating to the contract for carriage concerning your travel.

Carry-on Baggage
Baggage, personal effects or other articles (not being Checked Baggage) that accompany you during the provision of transport and services subject of the Booking. 

Checked Baggage
Baggage, personal effects or other articles registered with us as baggage intended to be carried in the aircraft hold during the provision of transport and services the subject of the Booking and for which a bag tag number is issued by us.

Codeshare Partner
Airline with whom we have an agreement to operate Codeshare Services. Read about our Codeshare Services.

Codeshare Service
A service which has a VA flight number, but is not operated by an airline in the Virgin Australia Group.

The Conditions of Carriage of Virgin Australia. Read our Conditions of Carriage.

The Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air (1929) (“Warsaw Convention”); the Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague (1955); the Warsaw Convention as amended by Additional Protocol No. 1 of Montreal (1975); the Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague and by Additional Protocol No. 2 of Montreal (1975); the Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague and by Additional Protocol No. 4 of Montreal (1975); the Guadalajara Convention (1961); and the Montreal Convention (1999) ("Montreal Convention"). 


The last destination shown on your Itinerary. When not capitalised, destination refers to a generic point of arrival.

Flights operated by Virgin Australia Airlines within Australia.

Domestic Travel
Travel entirely within one country and includes Australian Domestic Flights.

Electronic Ticket
A Ticket issued electronically, which is comprised of Electronic Coupons, and authorises a Guest to travel from one point to another. 

Electronic Coupon
An electronic flight coupon or other value document in electronic record form held in our database.

Event Beyond Our Control
Includes events such as severe or inclement weather, strikes, security alerts or other events that may affect our ability to provide air transport as planned.

Events Within Our Control
Includes events such as aircraft maintenance or crewing shortages, or other events within our reasonable control that may affect our ability to provide air transport as planned. 

The applicable Fare set by Virgin Australia for travel contemplated in a Booking (at the time of payment for the Booking), along with applicable fees and surcharges, and any taxes imposed by governments on the travel to which the Booking relates. 

Fare Class
Specifies the class of service a Guest is booked in to receive a Fare. Fare class is a one letter code that is used to identify the class of service or the Fare in an availability display.

Fare Family
Grouping or collection of Fare Classes with similar inclusions and conditions forming part of the booked Fare, allowing for Guests to compare Fares and their associated conditions and inclusions. Examples of different Fare Families offering by Virgin Australia are “Saver” and "Flexi."

Fare Rules
Those additional terms and conditions attached to the transport and services, the subject of the Booking (of which you are notified at the time of Booking and which are available on our Website).

Flight Coupon
That portion of the Ticket that bears the notation “good for passage”, or in the case of an Electronic Ticket, the Electronic Coupon, and indicates the particular places between which you are entitled to be carried. 

See Guest Contact Centre.

Global Distribution System
Computerised travel reservation platform, used as a single point of access by travel agents world-wide, for airline and associated travel products, enabling such purchases to be made. 

A person who has purchased a Fare and who travels with Virgin Australia.

Guest Contact Centre
Our Booking and Guest services call centre. Telephone numbers for the Guest Contact Centre are published on our website.

Guest Compensation Policy
Our Compensation Policy as amended from time to time and published on our Website. 

The International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA is the global trade organisation that develops the commercial standards that service the global member airlines.

Interline Electronic Ticket
The International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA is the global trade organisation that develops the commercial standards that service the global member airlines. 

Travel using more than one airline during a single journey.

International Long Haul
Flights operated by Virgin Australia International or flights operated by a Codeshare Partner on behalf of Virgin Australia between two countries .

International Short Haul
Flights operated or marketed by Virgin Australia (NZ), Virgin Australia (SE Asia) or Virgin Samoa or flights marketed by Virgin Australia but operated by Air New Zealand between Australia and New Zealand.

International Travel
International carriage as defined in the Convention, and includes any Australian Domestic Flight, which forms part of an international trip.

The document that identifies the Guest’s routing information, including departure / arrival cities, flight numbers, dates and times.
(a) The document we or our Authorised Agents provide to you which details your flights with Virgin Australia; and
(b) May be combined with an Electronic Ticket when travelling on a flight operated by Virgin Australia International or a Codeshare Partner. 


The laws of any nation that apply to your travel with Virgin Australia.

Any loss, damage, cost or expense, including consequential or indirect loss, loss of savings, business opportunities, revenue, profit and/or damage to goodwill.

Minimum Connection Time
Refers to the shortest amount of time allowable between two consecutive segments booked together in the same Booking. 

Medical Clearance Form
The form we require you to complete if you fall within any of the applicable categories of persons set out in the Medical Clearance Guidelines.

Medical Clearance Guidelines
The guidelines which apply to Guests travelling on Virgin Australia flights who have an illness or a medical condition that is published on our Website. Read our Medical Clearance Guidelines.

Migrated Booking
A Booking made before 12 January 2013, with a DJ Designator Code. From 12 January 2013 all DJ Designator Codes will change to VA; and all Virgin Australia flight numbers will start with VA. 


Other Airlines
Refers to Virgin Australia partner carriers, engaged through Interline and Codeshare agreements.

Paper Ticket
A Ticket printed on authorised ticketing paper, and includes Flight Coupons. 

Piece Limit
Piece limit for your Checked Baggage, which is determined by your Fare type and frequent flyer status and is specified in the Fare Rules and on our Website.

Virgin Australia’s policies in relation to various aspects of travel, including Baggage, Medical Clearance Guidelines and Guests requiring special assistance. Policies are published on our Website.

Privacy Policy
Virgin Australia’s policy for the collection and handling of Guests’ personal information, as published on our Website and amended by us from time to time. Read our Privacy Policy

The name of the company providing integrated technology solutions for Virgin Australia. 

Special Drawing Right of the International Monetary Fund.

Single Designator
From 12 January 2013 all Virgin Australia flight numbers will start with VA. The DJ flight code will no longer exist. 

The published Fares, charges and/or related Conditions of Carriage of an airline filed with the governments of Canada or the United States of America. 

Tarmac Delay Plan
A contingency plan created by a carrier to manage a delay to a flight, where the carrier is required by Law to have a plan.

A document which validly entitles you travel on flights operated or marketed by Virgin Australia International, and includes an Electronic Ticket and a Paper Ticket.

Ticketing Time Limit
The time limit set by Virgin Australia International within which you must pay the Fare for a Booking.

Travel Bank
Travel Bank is an account that allows you to hold your travel credits with Virgin Australia in one place. For more information, see the Travel Bank Terms and Conditions


Us, we, our, the airline, Virgin Australia
Us, we, our, the airline, Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd (Virgin Australia Airlines), Virgin Samoa Ltd (Virgin Samoa), Virgin Australia Airlines (SE Asia) Pty Ltd (Virgin Australia (SE Asia)), Virgin Australia Airlines (NZ) Ltd (Virgin Australia (NZ)) or Virgin Australia International Airlines Pty Ltd (Virgin Australia International) or any other carrier that accepts the Booking and all carriers that provide transport and services the subject of the Booking to you and any of that carrier's agents, crew, representatives, contractors, subsidiaries or related bodies corporate. Where it has been necessary to distinguish between the individual carriers in the Conditions of Carriage, reference will be made to that individual carrier by name.


Weight Limit
The weight limit for Checked Baggage determined by the type of Fare purchased by you when making a Booking. The weight limit and the terms and conditions that apply for receiving the benefit of the weight limit are specified in the Fare Rules and on our Website. 


You, your
You, a guest who is specified as receiving transport and other services from us in the Booking and any infant carried with you without a separate Booking.

Note: In the event of any inconsistencies between a term as defined within this Glossary and a term as defined within our Conditions of Carriage, the definition contained within the Conditions of Carriage will prevail.