Take your pick from over 2,000 publications

We know the time spent in the lounge is an important part of your travel journey. So we’re excited to offer a new innovative service to our members that will take the Virgin Australia lounge experience to a whole new level.

Guests in any Virgin Australia lounge can enjoy access to PressReader, compliments of Virgin Australia. This app offers an incredible selection of over 2,000 newspapers and magazines from 97 countries in 55 languages. Read titles such as The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, Gold Coast Bulletin or even the Los Angeles Times and Aujourd’hui en France as complete digital replicas, often before the printed editions hit the newsstands.

Available on any Android, Apple and Windows device, PressReader offers a range of interactive features such as clickable URLs, the ability to search, share and discuss articles.

Just because your flight is called doesn’t mean it ends there. Those using tablet or mobile devices can download and continue reading their favourite magazines and newspapers throughout the rest of their journey.

Download the app now before your next Virgin Australia flight at pressreader.com and connect to Virgin Australia’s lounge Wi-Fi to get access to unlimited, complimentary newspapers and magazines from around the world!