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We are working hard to manage and reduce the environmental impacts associated with air travel, while maintaining our industry’s crucial function.

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Renewable Jet Fuel

Renewable jet fuels enable airlines to mitigate their impact on the environment. We have led the way in research and development of renewable jet fuel, and are committed to the creation of a commercial industry within Australia.

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Carbon Offset Program

Our guests have the opportunity to offset carbon emissions every time they fly with us. Our Carbon Offset Program was the world’s first government-certified airline carbon offset program, and is now certified under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard Carbon Neutral program (NCOS CN).

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Sustainability governance

We have a comprehensive sustainability governance framework in place, to ensure we are effectively managing our social, environmental and economic risks and opportunities.

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Stakeholder engagement

We regularly communicate with a range of stakeholders to ensure that we identify and respond to sustainability issues and topics of importance.

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We are committed to reporting regularly on our sustainability and environmental performance.

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Sustainability at Virgin

The actions we’re undertaking are part of a broad range of initiatives underway right across the Virgin Group.

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