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It's Just Not Fair


An important message to our guests and partners in travel and tourism

Previously when you booked a flight with Virgin Blue, or saw us advertise our fares, we only quoted one price - no hidden taxes, no nasty surprises, just straight forward totals.

It was called 'all inclusive' pricing (meaning one price including the fare and all the taxes). Simple, upfront, very Virgin Blue. No calculators needed, to add taxes to the fare. 

For the past two years all Australian domestic airlines advertised their fares this way.

We were complying with an undertaking entered into by all major domestic airlines and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Virgin Blue was delighted – we were proud to have championed the cause that all inclusive air fares were easier for our customers and should become the industry standard.

Regrettably not all airlines feel the same.

Recently our competitors Qantas and Jetstar sought to do away with the ACCC undertaking, which is why regrettably, we are now all returning to the old concept - advertising the airfare only (and by the way taxes, charges, levies, fees and so on are additional).

We think it’s a lamentable practice, but we are forced to do so, to remain competitive in the market.

Anyone who has ever been thrilled with their low fare only to find later that airport and other taxes add on quite a bit, will know exactly what we mean.

We might not be a big airline but we continue to see this as a big issue.

If you feel the same, we encourage you to do as we have – contact the ACCC, the Australian Consumers Association or your local federal parliamentarian and let them know your views.

Australians deserve an upfront, ‘what you see is what you pay approach’ – otherwise it’s just not fair.

Brett Godfrey