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Virgin Blue Says “Let’s Do It” And Signs Up For The Muit


(Official signing and press conference with Premier Rann, Adelaide Airport and Virgin Blue at Virgin Blue check-in Adelaide Airport today at 10.00am)

Virgin Blue Airlines will today officially sign on the dotted line to be part of Adelaide Airport’s proposed new terminal (formerly known as the MUIT) following months of negotiations.

The low fare airline has reached mutually agreeable terms with Adelaide Airport Limited that ensures Virgin Blue Guests will have access to a fantastic facility without compromising the carrier’s low fare model.

The airline has stayed true to its low fare commitment, despite moving into new terminal facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Virgin Blue Head of Ground Services, Diederik Pen, said, “We have been described by some as fairly hard nosed negotiators. There may be a bit of truth to that, but it helps us ensure that we can continue to remain efficient and keep offering the lowest fares possible which is good for both tourism and business.”

The people of Adelaide recognise it was Virgin Blue who brought low fares to town but they also recognise the fact that Virgin Blue offers convenient schedules for both busy business travellers and laidback leisure travellers.

Diederik Pen continued, “There is no doubt the new terminal is going to be a huge boost to Adelaide, providing travellers with one of the most modern and efficient terminal facilities in the country.

“Less than three years ago we launched one flight a day between Adelaide and Brisbane using a marquee by the side of the runway as our terminal.

“Our Guests loved our low airfares then and we are confident they will love them even more when they have a comfortable new terminal to fly in and out of, especially considering they now have the choice of 18 Virgin Blue flights a day to seven destinations across Australia.”

The multi-million dollar project will house both the domestic and international terminals and will have a range of features including:

Aerobridge access to aircraft for use in wet weather

Increased number of gates to cater for future growth

A wide selection of retail shops and café’s

A convenient integrated terminal for those with connections between International and Domestic destinations encouraging the arrival of Pacific Blue to Adelaide in the future

The new terminal will also feature a Virgin Blue “Blue Room”, providing Guests with an innovative and out-of-the-box corporate lounge facility where they can plug in or tune out.

“The world class terminal will give us room to grow literally, allowing both Virgin Blue and Pacific Blue future opportunities in terms of new flights and destinations for Adelaide.” Diederik Pen finished.

Work is scheduled to begin in December and is expected to be finished in October 2005.