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Virgin Blue Launches New National Advertising Campaign



Cummins&partners has created a new service focussed advertising campaign for Virgin Blue, based on the proposition "If Only You Got Virgin Blue Service Everywhere". Launching nationally on Friday, 1 February 2002, the campaign includes 4 x 30 second television commercials, outdoor and press.

The TV campaign represents an innovative approach to airline advertising, taking service encounters outside of the traditional airport and in-flight environments. Each scenario dramatises the genuine, friendly and spontaneous service behaviour you'd love to experience but seldom expect.

"Our challenge was to find a way to illustrate the service edge and individuality of Virgin Blue. There's something refreshingly different about the service, because it's never subservient. The Virgin Blue team are fresh and enthusiastic. The answer was to take the ads outside of the normal airline context and put them into everyday situations, where you would love someone to help you out" explained Sean Cummins, Creative Director of Cummins&partners.

Sean Cummins continued "To show outstanding service in the context of check-in or in-flight could have been potentially cheesy and that doesn't match the Virgin Blue personality".

Speaking enthusiastically about the campaign, David Huttner, Head of Commercial for Virgin Blue, said, "The hero in our new campaign is our people. Virgin Blue has a fantastic team, committed and focussed on delivering outstanding customer service. We have invested heavily in positioning ourselves as the low fare airline that will "Keep the Air Fair", but that doesn't mean that customers should expect anything less than great service".

All the staff portrayed in the new campaign are real Virgin Blue people. After weeks of casting with staff around Australia, a group was selected who could convey the sentiment in the scripts.

Virgin Blue has a policy of recruiting people from diverse backgrounds and experience resulting in service at the highest level. The airline refers to all customers as 'guests' because they believe that they are actually more in the hospitality business than the transport business.

Reflecting on the campaign development, Huttner concluded. "At the end of the day, the outstanding performance of our team, not only in the advertising campaign, but also in our everyday operations speaks for itself. Our team has an innate flair in delivering service. Virgin Blue management doesn't need to send out memos telling people how to look after our customers, they know it intuitively".

The campaign was created by Sean Cummins and Rebecca Brideson; agency producer Mark Bradley; group account director Lisa Gumbleton. Production company is The Film Business - Directed by Chris Benz and Produced by Maureen Esse.