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In-flight Entertainment (“IFE”)
Terms & Conditions

  1. Virgin Australia offers Inflight Entertainment (IFE) on selected aircraft types and routes. Guests may experience various types of IFE on flights operated by Virgin Australia if installed or available. The type of IFE experienced will be dependent on aircraft type, routes, availability and fare class. Not all types of IFE will be offered on all flights and some flights may have no IFE.
  2. Examples of IFE that may be offered on flights operated by Virgin Australia are: Portable IFE (which may include: Wireless IFE using a Guest’s own device; Wireless IFE using a Tablet provided by Virgin Australia; stored content on a Tablet provided by Virgin Australia); Seat-back IFE (which may include: Red IFE [audio/video on demand])
  3. Where available, IFE is offered free of charge to guests travelling on Business fares. Where portable IFE devices are available, Guests travelling on Business fares will receive first priority when portable IFE devices are allocated.
  4. Where available, seat-back IFE is offered free of charge to all Guests.
  5. Where available, access to Wireless IFE via a Guest’s own device is offered free of charge to all Guests.
  6. Virgin Australia’s IFE programming schedules are subject to change at any time without notice and content may not always match the content listed in the Voyeur magazine.
  7. Virgin Australia has carefully selected the channels and programmes to ensure a wide variety of program choices. However, Virgin Australia does not have the ability to censor programming and accepts no responsibility for any footage shown on IFE programming which may be offensive or distressing to any Guest.
  8. The responsibility of appropriate viewing for minors rests solely with the parent or guardian of the minor.
  9. Virgin Australia is not responsible for any interruptions to the service including, without limitation, those due to acts of nature, power failure, satellite signal failure or any other cause.
  10. Virgin Australia is not responsible if IFE is not available on a flight due to a technical fault or serviceability issues.
  11. Where Wireless IFE is available and the Guest’s own personal device is used, Virgin Australia is not responsible for battery life or charging of devices. It is the responsibility of the Guest to ensure that the appropriate IFE application or software has been downloaded on the device and that the activation process is complete prior to boarding the aircraft. Virgin Australia is not responsible if a Guest’s device is unable to connect to the Wireless IFE system.
  12. i. Guests must not share their device with other guests.
    ii. Content on our IFE system is made for single person viewing only.
    iii. Guests are in control of their own devices and should shut their devices down if they find any content made available on the IFE to be unacceptable.
  13. Guests must comply with any crew instructions to shut down their device in circumstances reasonably required by Virgin Australia.
  14. IFE content accessible may include MA 15+ films.
  15. We will not issue Virgin Australia-provided devices to under 15’s.
  16. If the guest is under 15, the parent/guardian who makes the booking for the guest consents to the under 15 accessing our IFE.
  17. If the under 15 guest’s parent/guardian is not prepared to give this consent, the parent/guardian acknowledges that they will ensure that if the under 15 guest travels with a device, then that device is either disabled so it cannot receive the Content, or they will make our cabin crew aware that the under 15 cannot view the Content and authorise our cabin crew to enable the parental controls on the device. If the UNMR travels on a flight where seat-back technology is available, the parent/guardian consents to our cabin crew enabling the parental controls on the seat back system.
  18. If we make the IFE Content available to an under 15 on the under 15’s device, the parent/guardian who makes the guest’s booking agrees that we are making the content available on behalf of, and as the parent/guardian’s agent. 
  19. I acknowledge that the Child may be given access to the in-flight entertainment facilities on the flights including MA15+ content. I consent to the Child accessing the IFE and to the cabin crew using their best endeavours to enable the parental controls at the level specified above. If you do not check a box, no parental controls will be activated. I agree that neither the Child nor anyone claiming through or on behalf of the Child will have any claim against the carrier or any of its officers, agents and employees in respect of the in-flight entertainment that is viewed (or not viewed) by the Child.