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Virgin Australia Travel Bank 

On 13 January 2013 we introduced our new flight credit tool, Virgin Australia Travel Bank. 

Travel Bank is an online account that allows you to manage your flight credits with Virgin Australia in one place. The tool replaced our previous system of credit shells, vouchers and ticket credits.

The Benefits of Travel Bank

Virgin Australia Travel Bank allows you to:

  • Book flights online using your credits
  • Pool your credits – every time you receive a flight credit you can combine your flight credits into one Travel Bank account
  • Manage your credits – an online login enables you to access your full account history and keep track of your credits 

How to Use Travel Bank

Upon cancelling a flight that offers a credit, a Travel Bank account will be automatically created for you.

The creation of your account will be confirmed by a Travel Bank Welcome Email, outlining your account number and login details.

By logging into your Travel Bank account, you can view your credits, transactions and Travel Bank statement online.

To book a flight using your Travel Bank credit, simply visit and choose Travel Bank as your form of payment.

Note: If you received a travel credit shell prior to 12 January 2013, please contact the Guest Call Centre to make and pay for a new booking with that credit shell.

Travel Bank cannot be used as a form of payment towards Velocity Frequent Flyer Air Reward bookings.