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Mobile Check-in

Step 1 - Visit our mobile site

 Visit using your web-enabled mobile phone, and tap on the tab marked Check-In.  

Step 2 - Enter your details

Enter your Reservation Number and Surname in the fields provided. 

Step 3 - Select guests travelling

 Tick the Check-in tickbox of the guest(s) travelling. 

Step 4 - Select your seat 

Tap Select Seat to choose your preferred seat, and tap on a seat from the available options. 

Step 5 - Choose from boarding pass options

Select whether you’d like to receive your boarding pass via your phone (Send to Mobile), or collect it at the airport (Collect at Airport)*. If you opt to receive your boarding pass via your phone, enter your phone number in the field provided and tap Continue. 

Step 6 - Declare dangerous goods 

Declare whether or not you are carrying dangerous goods (as outlined in the pictures provided) by tapping the applicable button. If you are not carrying dangerous goods, you will progress to a booking summary page with your check-in confirmation. 

Step 7 - Download barcode and scan to board

If you selected to receive a mobile boarding pass, a SMS (with a link to a 2D QR barcode) will be sent to the mobile number provided. On the day of your flight, open the SMS link, and present and scan your QR barcode at the gate to board. 

Note: Guests travelling with checked baggage need to drop off their baggage at the Virgin Australia bag drop before proceeding to the gate.

Mobile Check-in is available between 24 hours and 30 minutes before your flight’s scheduled departure.

*For airport collection, boarding passes can be printed at a kiosk or collected from the check-in counter.

Board with ease, using Passbook.

A digital wallet that stores boarding passes, Passbook is an innovative new application that streamlines Mobile Check-in and boarding processes.

Passbook retrieves your boarding pass on the day of your flight and alerts you, so that you no longer have to frantically search through your wallet or carry-on while lining up.

Simply retrieve your boarding pass, and present it at the boarding gate to board.