Planned industrial action at major Australian International Airports


Travel Alerts

Flights in and out of Australia may be impacted by planned industrial action by Customs and Border Protection Officers at Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Coolangatta International Airports on Monday 3 August.  This industrial action may delay passenger processing through Customs so Virgin Australia is advising guests departing Australia to arrive 3 hours before their scheduled flight.

For guests returning to Australia with a connecting flight, please see a member of the Virgin Australia Ground Crew upon arrival who can assist with a transfer.


A list of affected times is listed below:


BNE – 0630 – 1030am                     1700 – 2100pm  

MEL – 0700 – 1100am                     2100 – 0100am  

SYD – 0600 – 1000am                     2200 – 2359pm

ADL –  0730 – 0830am    

OOL – 0600 – 1000am                     1500-1900pm


We will be working to ensure we have guests safely on their way as soon as possible. We encourage our guests to check the status of their flight here: