Virgin Australia Holidays


Phone Booking Fee

Guest Contact Centre


Australian Domestic  

AUD $30.00 per person capped at $120.00 AUD per booking


Australian International

AUD $30.00 per person capped at $120.00 AUD per booking


New Zealand International 

NZD $30.00 per person capped at $120.00 NZD per booking


Amendment Fees:

Domestic (via the GCC)        $50.00 per booking*
International (via the GCC)    $100.00 per booking*

Cancellation Fees**:
Domestic (via the GCC only)      AUD$80.00 per person* capped at AUD$320 per booking.
International (via the GCC only)  AUD$80.00 per booking* capped at AUD$320 per booking.
* Plus fees levied by service suppliers and/or fare or rate difference
** Balance remaining from cost of booking (after fees) will be held in credit for 12 months after date of original purchase (see terms and conditions)

Credit Card and Debit Card Fees:
In line with industry practice, Virgin Australia Holidays has introduced a service fee for bookings paid by credit cards or debit cards.
For all bookings, a Booking and Service Fee will be added to the total price of your booking when you pay by credit card or debit card. The Booking and Service Fee covers a range of costs, activities, fees and charges in relation to the booking, including (among other things) the reasonable costs of accepting card payments.