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Help Centre

Step 1 - Visit our mobile site

Step 2 - Enter your details

  • Enter your Reservation Number/or Velocity Number, Surname and Departing From city, and tap “Continue”

Step 3 – Identify guest(s) and travel preferences

  • Slide the slider to highlight “Yes” beside the name of the guest(s) to be checked in
  • Tap on the seat selection button, select a seat on the seat map, and tap “Continue”
  • If you haven’t already added your Frequent Flyer number, you can do so now

Step 4 – Select from boarding pass options

  • Choose to receive your boarding pass via Mobile, Email or Airport Collect (please refer to Step 8 for more information)
  • If you opted to receive your boarding pass via Mobile or Email, enter your Mobile Number or Email Address in the field provided

Note: Mobile numbers must be unique for each guest

Step 5 – Review information

  • Check that the information you have entered is correct, and tap “Continue”

Step 6 – Declare dangerous goods

  • Tap the applicable button to declare whether or not you are traveling with dangerous goods
  • If you are travelling with dangerous goods, you will be asked to check in at the airport
  • If you are not travelling dangerous goods, you will progress to a booking summary with your check-in confirmation

Step 7 – Check-in confirmation

This page reconfirms your check-in requests

Step 8 – Retrieve your boarding pass

  • If you opted to receive a Mobile boarding pass, you will be sent an SMS with a link to your boarding pass
  • If you opted to receive your boarding pass by email, you will emailed with a link to your boarding pass
  • If you opted to Airport Collect, your boarding pass can be printed at an airport kiosk or collected from a check-in counter
  • On the day of your flight, present and scan your boarding pass at the gate to board

Tip: You do not need to print your Mobile or Email boarding pass. Simply download your boarding pass and bring it with you, on your mobile phone or tablet, to the airport boarding gate, and scan to board.

Note: Mobile Check-in is available between 48 hours and 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your flight.

If you have a Migrated Booking , you can check in using Mobile Check-in, provided that none of the flights in your booking have been flown prior to migration – before 12 January 2013.

Board with ease, using Passbook.

If you have an iPhone with iOS6 (or later installed), you have the option to add your mobile boarding pass to the Passbook application.

A digital wallet that stores boarding passes, Passbook retrieves your boarding pass on the day of your flight and alerts you, so that you no longer have to frantically search through your wallet or carry-on while lining up.

Simply retrieve your boarding pass, and present it at the boarding gate to board.